Add swim times

Add swim times

To add swim times, first select how you will be adding them:

There are 6 options:
  1. Manually
  2. CSV/XLS
  3. Hy-Tek results
  4. LEF results
  5. MRF results
  6. SD3 results
Select your option then click the "Next" button.


The form has the following options:
  • Date of swim
  • Pool size
  • Stroke
  • Distance
  • Age from - this allows you to filter the member list
  • Age to - this allows you to filter the member list
  • Assign to Event/Gala - assign the times added to an event in the system
  • Location
  • These are "Licenced" times
  • Licence level (1 - 4)
Click on the "List Members" to view a list of all your members and each member will be listed allowing you to enter a time for them. The distance and stroke selected in the form are set for each member. Click on them to change them.

Enter times in MM SS MS format and to enter splits, click on the down arrow next to the swim time field.

Leave any rows with times at 00 00 00 to ignore them.


Either drag and drop your file into the box, or click it to upload your import file.

Importing data adds NEW records each time. It does not update any records currently in the system.
If you find that you can't add swim times for a certain pool size, go to "Setup > Club > Club Details" and click on the "Extended" tab. Check that you have the relevant pool sizes enabled.
Click on the import template link to see which fields you can import.
If you are assigning the times to an event/gala, and you have assigned an event template to it, you must enter the event number in the import file so the system can assign the times to the correct event.
in step 2, where you match the columns to the database fields, if you can't see an excerpt of your file at the bottom (the first few swim times) then the system can't read your file.

The number 1 reason for this is that you have blank columns at the end. If you press the "Ctrl" key then "End", the selected cell should jump to bottom right cell of your imported data. If it goes past that, you have blank columns and need to delete them.


Either drag and drop your file into the box, or click it to upload your import file, then click "Next".

Now select/enter the relevant options and click "Import Results". You will be emailed when your results have been imported.

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