API usage

API usage

Run this report to see all of the API calls made using your API token.

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    • API documentation

      The SwimClub Manager API allows you to create applications that can read/update information in your SCM account. Each request to the Api must be authenticated with your Api token using an "Authorization-Token" header containing your token. For ...
    • View trial requests

      Trial requests are a way to store information for swimmers waiting for a club trial. There are 3 ways to add a trial request: 1) Via your SCM login Click on the "Add Request" button and complete the form. 2) Via your club website (Option 1 only) If ...
    • View registration forms

      When a new member joins the club they can fill out a form and all of their details will be recorded. There are 2 ways to record registration forms: Via your club website (for clubs on Option 1) Via the API
    • Waiting list

      This is where you can store your waiting list. There are 4 ways to get someone on the waiting list: Via your club website (for clubs on Option 1) Via the api Manually by clicking on the "Add Member" button Importing members via Excel/CSV file You can ...
    • Send texts

      Before you can send text messages, you need to register for an account with our 3rd party texting service. Click here and register for a free account. Then, once registered, log in and go to your "Settings > All Settings" page.  Scroll down and click ...