Bank statements

Bank statements

To use the reconciliation functions, you need to add or import your bank statements.

Once you have added a statement, click on the "Add Transaction" button or the "Import Transactions" button to add your statement transactions.

Click on the "Reconcile" button to view a list of statement transactions to reconcile against your income and expenses.

Click on the "i" icon on the right to view which income/expense is reconciled against that transaction. 

Click on the "tick" icon to un-reconcile the transaction.

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      At least one bank account must be added before you can start reconciling your bank statements. The opening balance field must be the actual opening balance of the bank account for the month that you start using the accounting features. You only need ...
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      Once you have added a bank statement and imported the transactions, click on the "Reconcile" button at the top right to see the reconciliation page. You will see your balances at the top, then two columns. The left column contains your statement ...
    • Bank reconciliation

      The bank reconciliation report allows you to view the balances and income/expenses for a given period in a given bank account. Click on the printer icon to print this page.
    • Email statements

      To email statements to your members, use this page. A PDF account statement will be created and emailed to each member that matches the selection criteria. To include your club logo in the PDF, set this on the "Setup > Club > Club details" page.
    • Profit & loss

      When you have reconciled one or more bank statement transactions, you will see these figures on your P&L page. Click on the figures to view all items relating to that month. Click on the categories to see all items in that category.