Credit notes

Credit notes

A credit note can be issued to any member and can be used for whatever purpose you like.

When you are creating a credit note, if you select an invoice, the credit note will be linked to that invoice.

If the member has opted to be refunded, use the refunded option when you have actually refunded them.

Credit Note Adjustments

If you receive payments from your members and you reconcile those against a bank statement, then, at a later date, need to refund them for whatever reason, your P&L account code totals will be out.

To fix this, add an adjustment to the associated credit notes stating which account code to credit and which account code to debit. This will then adjust the P&L page so the account totals are correct.

Select the Expense account code you used when reconciling the refund in the "Credit Account Code" field and select the Income account code the invoice payment was set to in the "Debit Account Code" field.

When you view a member, their credit notes appear on the "Credit Notes" tab.

When linking to an invoice, you can create a credit note for all of the invoice amount or just some of it.

If it is a partial credit note, the credit note amount will be deducted from the invoice total and listed at the top of the invoice.

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