Custom fields

Custom fields

To view your members and their custom fields data, run this report.

The system will list all the members who have been assigned to the custom field group you select, and will list their data associated with that custom field.

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      Custom fields allow you to store information against members that there are no fields for. For example, if you wanted to store the date that a member's first direct debit started, you would use a custom field for it. You can assign one custom field ...
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      Custom forms allow you to gather extra information from your members. You can add as many "fields" to a custom form as you need and you can have the following field types: Text box Text area Date Checkbox Drop down options Once you have created a ...
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      Run this report to view your member's custom form data.
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      To build your own custom reports, go to "Reports > Members > Custom reports". This page has various options that appear or disappear when you select the various reports.  The first section is the fields you want to appear on the report, such as first ...
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      To import members go to "Members> Bulk import". There are 2 steps to importing data: Upload your CSV/Excel file Match the columns in your file to the fields in the database Importing data adds NEW records each time. It does not update any records ...