Learn to swim terms

Learn to swim terms

If your club teaches members to swim, you can create "terms" with lessons that you can assign to your members.

Any fee you enter will be used when you create invoices for all members assigned to any lessons in that term.

To switch off the learn to swim options, go to your club details page (under setup) on the "System Features" tab.

Term Lessons

Once you've added a term, you can add lessons to it either in bulk, or one at a time.

Add Multiple Lessons

Click the "Add Multiple Lessons" button and complete the form that appears.

There are the following options:

  1. Calendar Colour - The colour the lesson will be on the learn to swim calendar
  2. Lesson Location - The location of the lesson (which pool etc)
  3. Day of Week - Select the day of the week the lesson is on
  4. Start time - The time the lesson starts
  5. End time - The time the lesson ends
  6. Max Swimmers - The maximum amount of swimmers you want in this lesson at any one time
When you click the "Add Lessons" button, the system will create a lesson on each day of the week you select that is between the term dates.

Add Single Lesson

Use this option when you want to add a single lesson on a certain date for this term.

Adding Lessons To Swimmers

Once you have added your terms and lessons, to add them to your swimmers, view a swimmer and click on the "Learn to swim lessons" tab. Click on the "Add lessons" button and select one or more lessons to add to that member.

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