Members not attending

Members not attending

Run this report to see which members haven't attended specific sessions between dates.

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      To view/print attendance sheets, go to "Members > Attendance > Attendance Sheets". All of your sessions will be listed and you can select the following options: Month - select the month you are adding attendance for With phone numbers - click this to ...
    • Attendance reasons

      When you are adding attendance records, instead of having a simple "Yes/No" for attended, you can add your own reasons for members who do not attend. For example, you may want to have "School, Work, Sick, etc". Click on the blue dotted underlined ...
    • Attendance

      To view your member attendance between dates, use the attendance report. You can filter the report using the following options: Date From Date To Sessions Groups Reasons
    • View members

      You can view a list of your members by going to "Members > View" and selecting one of the following 4 options: All coaches All members All parents All swimmers All volunteers Use the buttons to filter the table. To deactivate or archive members in ...
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      When you archive a member the system only saves their name and DOB. This is so that your club records stay intact. When you anonymize a member's account, the system will replace their name with random strings. This is so that your invoices and ...