Progress reports

Progress reports

You can use progress reports to monitor/track your swimmer's progress.
To set a progress report up, go to "Setup > Club > Progress Reports" and click on the "Add Progress Report" button and enter a title.
Click on the blue "Add Progress Report" button and you will be taken to another page to add your "outcomes".
Outcomes are the sections of the progress report that you want to track for your swimmers.
For example, taking the ASA learn to swim framework Stage 1, you could have the following outcomes:
  1. Enter the water safely
  2. Move forwards for a distance of 5 metres
  3. Move backwards for a distance of 5 metres
  4. etc
There are 3 types of outcome you can add:
  1. Check box
  2. Text box
  3. Text area

To edit an outcome, click on the dotted line. Once added you can't edit the outcome type.

Click on the red dustbin to delete an outcome.
If you delete the progress report, it will also be deleted from all swimmers that you assigned it to.
Once you have added all of the outcomes, you can then assign the progress report to some swimmers.

To do this, view a swimmer and click on the "Progress Reports" tab, then click on the "Add Progress Report" button and select the relevant reports, then click on the "Add Report To Member" button.

To add/edit the outcomes, click on the report name under the progress reports tab and you will see all of the outcomes in the report.

To download a PDF version of the report, click on the PDF button at the top right.

Swimmers can download the report themselves by viewing their account page, clicking on the progress reports tab then clicking on the relevant report.

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