Reconciling your bank statements

Reconciling your bank statements

Once you have added a bank statement and imported the transactions, click on the "Reconcile" button at the top right to see the reconciliation page.

You will see your balances at the top, then two columns. The left column contains your statement transactions, green are income and red are expenses, and the right column is where you reconcile them.

There are 4 tabs:
  1. Create - click this if you don't have an income/expense already in the system for this transaction and the system will create one and reconcile it.
  2. Match - click this to match the statement transaction to an income/invoice already in the system
  3. Split - click this if you want to split this statement transaction over more than one income/invoice
  4. Transfer - click this if you want to mark this transaction as a bank transfer
When you click either Match or Split on an income transaction, you wil see a drop down option to select the relevant record. Click on the "Include older" link if the income/invoice is a really old one that you want to reconcile and the system will list all invoices/income, not just the recent ones.

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