SCM direct debits

SCM direct debits

If you would like to pay your club's fees for using the system via direct debit. Click the green button and follow the instructions.

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    • Direct debit payments

      To collect invoice payments from your members via Direct Debit, you must first enable the "Online Payments" option on the "System Features" tab on the "Setup > Club > Club details" page. Once you have done that, go to "Setup > Finances > Direct debit ...
    • Members on direct debit

      You can run this report to view all members that are either ON direct debit or NOT ON direct debit for their fees.
    • SCM invoices

      This page lists all the invoices for your club's subscription to the system. To setup your club to pay you SCM fees via direct debit, click on the link in the "Direct Debit" section and follow the instructions. To be notified when an invoice is ...
    • Custom field groups

      Custom fields allow you to store information against members that there are no fields for. For example, if you wanted to store the date that a member's first direct debit started, you would use a custom field for it. You can assign one custom field ...
    • Incident book

      Use the incident book to add and manage everything relating to incidents. Members with the "Manage Incident Book" permission can post comments which are dated and posted to the incident. Only members in the "SCM Administrator" role can delete ...