The dashboard

The dashboard

The dashboard is the page you see after logging in. It is divided into 2 sections, tiles on the left where each tile is a link to the relevant section that the member has access to and club feed on the right.

The tiles are as follows:


When clicked, this tile lists all emails sent to you as well as links to the club documents.


When clicked, this lists the member's calendar which shows all of their sessions and club events, along with the club calendar below.


When clicked, this lists all the club events that the member has been invited to.


When clicked, this lists all the member's invoices and credit notes.

Club Shop

When clicked, this takes the member to your club shop products page.

Your Swimming

When clicked, this takes the member to a page listing their swim times, progress reports and awards.

Your Role

When clicked, this takes the member to a page listing their roles, DBS/Safeguarding, skills and qualifications.

Your Details

When clicked, this takes the member to a page listing all of their details, along with their acknowledged code of conducts and club disclaimers.

Clicking the "Edit" button at the top right will allow the member to switch tiles on and off is they wish.

Club Feed

The club feed is on the right hand side. To be able to post messages and media to the club feed, members need to be in a club role with the "Post to club feed" permission.

You can post simple text based messages as well as videos, images and documents.

You can also post to Twitter when posting club feed messages after seting up Twitter integration.
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